How it all began?


"What do you want to be when you grow up?" The question that started the path to The E Squared. 

Hi, I'm Shannon Tarrant.  Creator of The E Squared and The Shannon Experience.  

I have sent the last 12 years working in and running successful small to medium sized businesses.  But then it happened! That moment when I decided that there had to be something more out there and so began my "what's next?" journey.  

I thought about when was I the happiest in my career.  I thrive on the challenge to take a business that is struggling and dive in to attack the problem.  I have been blessed in my experiences to master so many different areas of running a business: sales, marketing, finance, operations, customer experience, staff management and so much more.

Many of my greatest moments came from a coffee meet-up or quick call with someone I know looking for advice.  I have the knack of looking at a situation from a bird's eye view and creating solutions to fix it.  I believe in being candid and truthful, even when they didn't want to hear it.  The best part was always the follow-up telling me that they followed my advice AND IT HELPED! 

It was like a light bulb went off! I realized that this was my gift and my passion, to use my experience and talents to help those who need a little inspiration to ELEVATE their business to the next level. To empower and encourage them to learn the tools for small business success!  

The E Squared is all about small businesses having the opportunity to learn how to ELEVATE their business.  I believe that with the right information, training and tools, every small business can increase their revenue exponentially! 

If you like learning from experts, networking with like-minded people, brainstorming with your peers, actionable education and workshop environments, you've come to the right place! 

Welcome to The E Squared! 

Shannon Tarrant, Event CEO of the E Squared and owner of The Shannon Experience

Shannon Tarrant, Event CEO of the E Squared and owner of The Shannon Experience

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Wondering if you should attend an event?

  • I'm a business owner and want to invest in my growth
  • I'm an entrepreneur and want my business on the next level
  • I'm an employee sick of education that doesn't provide me or my any company value
  • I'm a successful creative looking to sharpen my skills
  • I'm a professional looking to meet like minded individuals
  • I just want to learn and be inspired!


Leave feeling like you've learned how to...

  • Level the playing field through the strategic use of marketing
  • Set your organization up for success
  • Answer the “quantity vs. quality” question for your company
  • Make your brand memorable
  • Trouble shoot an ineffective marketing strategy
  • Feel the power of new opportunities
  • Identify the tools that you'll need to run a successful business and live a balanced life
  • … and so much more
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Business growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.

  • Leave overflowing with great ideas that you can’t wait to share with your boss, colleagues and staff
  • Meeting face-to-face with comrades, experts and influencers
  • Expanding your knowledge and taking it to the next level
  • Investing in your growth is the best money that your company can spend
  • Get pumped up from the energy of like minded individuals
  • Create a plan for changes that will make a big difference
  • Spend the time in a workshop executing what you've learned